Amazon brings same-day deliveries to Canada, kicking off with Toronto and Vancouver

Amazon has announced that it’s launching its same-day delivery service in Canada, kicking off with Toronto and Vancouver.

Today’s news comes a few months after the e-commerce giant revealed it was expanding its same-day offering to more US cities, and just a few weeks after a same-day collection service was introduced in the UK.

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Order ’til noon

Customers in the two aforementioned Canadian conurbations can order up until noon seven days a week with deliveries taking place up until 9pm. Same-day deliveries, however, will only apply to certain items such as games, DVDs, electronics, snacks and “household necessities.” Amazon says that there are around one million eligible items in Toronto, and ‘hundreds of thousands’ in Vancouver.

In terms of pricing, Amazon Prime members will pay a flat-fee of $6.99 for each same-day delivery order (regardless of the number of items). Non-Prime customers will pay a $11.99 charge ‘per shipment’, plus an additional $1.99 cost for each item.

Things could get rather punchy if you order a lot from Amazon, so the $79/year Prime subscription starts to make a lot more sense if you’re a frequent shopper.

You can view a full list of eligible post codes in the Vancouver and Toronto regions here.


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