Facebook sees a 24% increase in government data requests since second half of 2013

Facebook today released its third Government Requests Report, meant to provide greater transparency on the amount of data authorities try to source from the company.

In the report, Facebook notes 24 percent increase in the number of requests since the second semester of 2014 – 34,946 total around the world . Additionally, there was a 19 percent increase in the amount of data held back due to local laws.

The company says it’s worked hard to fight against requests that don’t provide adequate reasoning for their necessity. In June, the company fought back against a broad search warrant issued by a New York court requesting data from 381 Facebook users, stating that digital warrant claims should be as narrow and specific as warrants for physical evidence.

Facebook also reiterated its support for the USA FREEDOM Act and an updated Electronics Communications Privacy Act in order to codify more stringent guidelines for data requests.

It’s notable the report comes out on election day in the US , perhaps a subtle reminder about the issues voters should keep in mind as they go out to the polls.


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