94% off a lifetime of Twitter Counter Premium’s Twitter analytics

Twitter is a great tool to grow your personal brand, promote your business, share your ideas and build a valuable network. And Twitter Counter is just the thing to help you get the most out of the platform.

Twitter Counter includes a bunch of clever features to help you optimize your engagement to attract more followers, and weed out tweets that perform poorly with your audience.

redesign TwitterCounter MF3 1014 520x390 94% off a lifetime of Twitter Counter Premiums Twitter analytics

You’ll also get an overview of your stats to see just how you’re doing on Twitter, schedule tweets, and find out which users have unfollowed you recently.

Part of The Next Web family of companies, Twitter Counter is a tool that you can trust. And here at TNW Deals, you can score lifetime access to this premium Twitter tool at just a tiny fraction of the price – just $59!

Here are some of the most useful features Twitter Counter has to offer:

  • Measure your account’s growth and following with hourly updates
  • See who follows and unfollows you
  • Review your Twitter progress with comprehensive graphs
  • Export statistics for Excel
  • Schedule posts
  • Track hashtags, keywords, retweets, & mentions

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Apple site lets you deactivate iMessage and solve your missing text problem

If you’re still being plagued by missing text messages after leaving iOS for another platform, then the time has come to rejoice. Apple has quietly launched a tool that will let you deregister your phone number from iMessage and solve your texting problem once and for all. The root of this mess comes from Apple routing incoming messages from iPhone users through its iMessage system — even after you’ve switched to a different phone. The result has been texts from iPhone users disappearing into the ether. If you forgot to disable iMessage before switching devices, often the only solution was to completely disconnect the device from your Apple account. Now all you have to do is plug your phone number into Apple’s deregistration site, and punch in the verification code sent to you.

Mac app deals roundup: Save big on apps for Wi-Fi optimization, personal finance tracking and more!

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Get over half off on programs to help optimize your Wi-Fi network, rip and convert video, rein in your personal finances and manage your time efficiently.

Here’s what’s in store:

NetSpot Pro: analyze and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network

NetSpot 520x284 Mac app deals roundup: Save big on apps for Wi Fi optimization, personal finance tracking and more!

The first step towards getting the best performance from your network, is surveying your coverage to find dead spots in your environment. NetSpot Pro lets you analyze your network quickly and easy, to find optimum locations for placing hotspots.

Tune up your network with NetSpot Pro, for only $19.

MoneyWell: an elegantly designed personal finance app

MoneyWell 520x344 Mac app deals roundup: Save big on apps for Wi Fi optimization, personal finance tracking and more!

Money management can seem overwhelming even before you get started, but the right tool can help you make light work of taking control of your finances. MoneyWell connects directly to your bank account, and implements the tried and tested Envelope Method to help you monitor your expenses, stay within budget and keep debt at bay.

➤ Get your finances in order with MoneyWell at half off – just $24.99.

The MacX DVD Video Converter Pro Pack

MacX 520x330 Mac app deals roundup: Save big on apps for Wi Fi optimization, personal finance tracking and more!

Copy and back up your video with total freedom and flexibility, using these powerful tools from Digiarty Software. MacX Video Converter Pro lets you convert videos to and from multiple formats for mobile devices and external storage, and even grab videos from YouTube; use MacX DVD Ripper Pro to rip DVDs to a variety of audio and videos formats in no time.

➤ Get both these great apps and take control of your video content for only $17.99.

Time Doctor Lifetime: Track and save time for optimal productivity

Time Doctor 520x355 Mac app deals roundup: Save big on apps for Wi Fi optimization, personal finance tracking and more!

Organize your tasks, schedule your projects, track your progress and boost your productivity with this clever all-in-one app. Time Doctor helps you monitor your app usage, avoid distractions, and manage your projects efficiently. You can even use companion apps for Android and iOS to see how you’re doing, and breeze through your tasks daily. With Time Doctor, staying on track is a snap.

New perk for Amazon Prime members: Unlimited cloud photo storage

Amazon Prime members are in for another nice perk in addition to free two-day shipping and instant video/music streaming: unlimited photo storage.

The company announced a free service called Prime Photos on Tuesday, through which users can upload and store photos and access them at any time in Amazon Cloud Drive. It’s unclear whether users will be able to store videos via Prime Photos as well, but the company said it is compatible across multiple devices and platforms, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Macs, PCs and Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick.

While some may already be storing their photos in the cloud with other services, it never hurts to have more options, especially free ones. This is also a larger effort from Amazon to build up its ecosystem and get people hooked on its various product offerings (and renew their Amazon Prime accounts year after year).

However, for now, the service is only available for U.S. Prime members, who pay $99 (that price was bumped up from $79). Previously, only Fire Phone users had access to unlimited photo storage with Amazon.

Atop free two-day shipping on 20 million items, Prime subscribers get access to instant streaming of tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes via Prime Instant Video, more than a million songs through Prime Music and access to over 600,000 books through Kindle Owners’ Lending Library to borrow.

Draftback finds the hidden history of your Google doc epics

A good story is a very special incarnation of magic, and if there’s one thing more interesting than seeing how it unfolds, it’s seeing how it was put together. Thankfully, a terribly neat new tool called Draftback — created by New York-based writer/programmer James Somers — sort of lets you do just that… as long as the story in question lives in a Google document.

You see, the secret to Draftback’s sorcery is that Google tracks every change you make to a document in incredibly minute detail – we’re talking on a character-by-character basis, and all that writing data doesn’t actually go anywhere. What Draftback does is it tallies up all those little changes and lumps them all into a single, interactive animation that shows off how your sentences shrink, your ideas swell, and your word choice grows more florid the later it gets. Think of it as an exercise in literary archeology.

No, really! Imagine your favorite writer, and visualize how well there arguments and suggestions and ideas flow together. Got it? The fruits of their talent are what ultimately wind up on the page, but all the agony and frustration that goes into each of those gems is lost to the sands of time. Until now, anyway. Just keep this in mind as you start playing around with it: Draftback is more a passion project than it is a polished product, don’t be surprised to stumble across a few hiccups. They’re not too numerous now (the neat analytical graphs that highlight when and where changes were made don’t seem to work), but its core seems to work as well as us word nerds would like. Well, for now.

What’s on your home screen? Checking in with Warby Parker’s Neil Blumenthal

Courtney Boyd Myers is the founder of audience.io. “What’s On Your Home Screen” is presented by Fueled, a New York and London-based mobile app development company that produces award-winning apps for big brands like Barneys to hot startups like QuizUp.

Just four years after launching, Warby Parker – the world’s well-loved humanitarian eyewear company – announced it has distributed over one million pairs of glasses to people in need through its Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program.

When not changing lives in developing countries, Warby Parker sells its designer glasses and shades online to a wide demographic from hipster teenagers to suburban moms. The company has its flagship retail store in Soho, New York City and recently opened its second brick and mortar store in Venice, California, right on the heavily trotted Abbot Kinney Blvd. Next up is Nashville, Tennessee.

As co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, Neil Blumenthal drives the socially-conscious businesses, while picking up accolades like Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award and raising a young family in New York City.

We caught up with Neil recently to see just what’s on his iPhone’s home screen, and the apps he uses to get through his very busy days.

NeilHomeScreen 140919 What’s on your home screen? Checking in with Warby Parkers Neil Blumenthal

1. What’s the first app you open when you wake up in the morning?

My calendar to see the day ahead; then I click on Evernote to read my To-Do List.

2. And when you go to sleep?

Pocket— to read some dense articles that will help me fall asleep.

3. What is it about Spring that has everyone all excited? What about the app do you think is truly innovative?

The big thing is Spring‘s UX. It’s easy to use, fun, and it simplifies the transactional step of buying on mobile.

4. Facebook didn’t make the home page but LinkedIn did. What does that say about you?

That I work too much!

5. What, no folders?

Folders introduce an extra step. I’m all about reducing friction.

6. That’s a lot of unread emails, missed texts, and calls….Doesn’t that drive you crazy?


7. If Warby Parker released an app, what would it do?

I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.

Who do you think we should check in on next? Let us know in the comments below.

Google launches a Chrome extension to let you open Drive files directly in the relevant desktop apps

You can get a whole lot of work done with just Web apps nowadays, but sometimes you simply need the power of full-fledged desktop applications like Photoshop or PowerPoint.

To make your life easier, Google is releasing a Chrome extension for Mac and Windows to let you launch desktop apps right from within Google Drive, no separate download process required.

switchblade3 Google launches a Chrome extension to let you open Drive files directly in the relevant desktop apps

To use it, you just need to open up Drive, right click the file you want and select “Open With”. You’ll see a list of applications on your computer that support the file format.

Once you open a file in a desktop app, just be sure to save any edits, and they’ll be synced right back up to your Google Drive automatically.

If you’re a Chrome user, it’s a more seamless process than needing to download a file, open it on your desktop app, and then remember to re-upload it onto Drive if you make any changes. So if you want to give it a shot, you can get the new extension from the Chrome store now.

Google Maps gets a fresh new Material Design on mobile and deeper Uber integration

Google has announced today that its Google Maps ‘Material Design’ update will start to roll out to iOS and Android users in “the next few days”.

Announced in a blog post, the revamp brings a whole new look to the mapping app, as well as some new functionality, like direct OpenTable bookings in the US.

Google explained that the driving principle behind the new design decisions was to make it easier to use (and discover) certain features.

“This new look is all about creating surfaces and shadows that echo the real world; with Google Maps’ new material feel, layers and buttons come to life so you know just where to touch to get directions, recommendations and imagery,” the company said.

Uber card in Google Maps 730x561 Google Maps gets a fresh new Material Design on mobile and deeper Uber integration

Deeper OpenTable integration isn’t the only functionality update either. The new Google Maps app will also now show you the estimated pick-up time and price for an Uber journey, versus the same journey by public transit. You’ll need to have the Uber app installed for this option to appear though.

Square has now processed one billion payments

S payments startup Square has passed a not-so-minor milestone this week, with founder Jack Dorsey revealing the company has now processed one billion payments.

One of Square’s core services is in enabling smaller merchants to accept offline payments using mobile devices, but it has been building out its various offerings in recent times.

Following its recent $100 million funding round that valued the company at $6 billion, Square Cash for iOS was updated to let you pay friends nearby using Bluetooth LE, and shortly after it was revealed that the separate Square Order app would now let you order ahead and alert cafes of your imminent arrival.

Launched in San Franciso in 2009 By Twitter co-founder Dorsey and Jim McKelvey, Square first rolled out for merchants the following year. It’s now open to users in the US, Canada and Japan.